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Appointment & Estimate

1. Appointment & Collision Repair Estimate

At the vehicle drop off stages, the vehicle and insured information is entered into our shop management system. If an alternate transportation is requested, either the pre-arranged rental company will come and pick you up or we will provide you with a replacement courtesy car.

Insured will be asked to provide a valid driver’s license and a credit for the use of the replacement vehicle.

Information then will be transferred into our Repair Estimating System, data will then be compiled into a Collision Repair Estimate to determine the cost of repairs. In most cases though, there will be hidden damages that is not visible until the vehicle has been disassembled.


2. Disassembly

Vehicle's damaged area is disassembled to better view the hidden damages for a more and final precise estimate.

Parts Ordering

4. Parts Ordering

In most cases, parts are required for the repair of your vehicle. Following the guidelines of your insurance company, the most cost effective parts will be utilized; and we will try and locate parts immediately in an attempt to return the vehicle back to you as soon as possible!

In some cases, we will assess your vehicle first and pre-order parts prior to having your car being dropped of for repairs to ensure a speedy return of your vehicle to you!


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