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FAQ – Auto Body Frame Straightening

We often have customers ask us how the Penney Auto Body process works and whether if they need it for their car or after an accident. So what is frame straightening? As most damages to vehicles occur to the body side of the car, sometimes damages are more extensive and it involves the inner frame of the car; so frame machines are an important piece of equipment in a body shop.

At Penney Auto Body, we use our frame machines to restore the vehicle’s frame to its original shape using hydraulics and torque that hand power simply can’t do. The equipment allows us to pull / straighten / push the frame back to its original state. On top of this, for more precision straightening, we have a lazer measuring system to ensure that all repairs are back to factory specs.

Frame restoration is critical as it can affect certain components of your vehicle if not repaired correctly. Vehicles are designed to protect you and your passengers from the impact of a collision via a “crumple zone”. This crumple zone absorbs the impact and transfers it throughout the body of your vehicle. During this transfer of impact, it can affect the frame and other parts of your vehicle. Prior knowledge of the vehicle and advance techniques is required to determine the vehicle’s symmetry to proceed with the repairs.

During the frame straightening process, the vehicle will be locked into place for our machines to go to work. Technicians will map out how the pulls should be done and will try to minimize the pulls to get the frame back to factory specifications. If the process isn’t mapped out, it might further damage the frame or damage other parts of the vehicle.

At Penney Auto Body, we value our customers and feel that our success in business is due to the consistent effort which we have made to provide you with the best service possible. The goal of our collision repair staff is to restore your vehicle to its condition prior to the accident or even better.

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