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flat tire

Avoid Sharp Objects

The main culprit of a flat tire comes from sharp objects, such as nails and screws that lay on the surface of roadways. In order to avoid this, stay away from roadside debris and construction areas to minimize your changes of getting a flat tire. 

Tire Bead Leakage

Tire bead leakage, from the sealing surface of the tire, is another cause of flat tires. To test if you have this problem, spray soapy water on the surface of the tire, wheel, and valve system. You will be able to see if there is a bead leak if bubbles erupt from the surface. 

Valve Stem Leakage

Valve stem leakage is another common issue. If it is too old or dirty it is quite common for the valve stem to begin suffering from leaks. Over time, these slow leaks may lead to your tire being more susceptible to blowouts, which result in flat tires. A simple replacement of the valve stem can prevent a tire blowout. 

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