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protecting your vehicle's paint

A lot of people spend thousands of dollars to buy a new or used car but are unsure of the proper methods to protect the car's paint from external conditions. Washing and waxing the vehicle are two ways to protect the car's paint, but some methods, when applied incorrectly, can further damage the paint.

Invest In Proper Tools

First, spend money on the right tools to wash and wax your car. A set of wash mitts made of cotton is highly recommended to avoid damaging or scratching the paint of your vehicle. And believe it or not, the soap you choose to use should also be considered as well. There are specialty car soaps that are designed specifically for washing cars because they are gentle on the paint itself.

Wax On

Waxing your car will seal the paint and give it a protectice coat, which will protect your car's paint from the elements while giving it a lasting shine. Remember, before waxing your car, it is imperative to wash the vehicle and use the correct cleaning products. If the car is not waxed after polishes have been used, the polish can damage the paint job. Wax should be applied evenly to avoid damaging the paint of your vehicle. But do follow the instructions on the bottle as some waxes require different methods.

Wash Off

Washing your car is a great way to protect the paint on your vehicle. When you wash your car, remember to not wash your car in the sun because the hot sun will dry the water faster, leaving mineral deposits and hardening the soap onto the finish. Also remove all debris with water before you use any type of auto cleaning products. It is also important to dry your vehicle after it has been washed to decrease the presense of water marks on your paint.

With a gentle set of hands, the right tools and products, your car will have a shiny new look for many years to come.

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