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Due to the recent inclement weather, we thought this be useful if you unfortunately got into an accident


Due to the recent inclement weather, we thought this be useful if you unfortunately got into an accident

1. Just got into an accident, what do I do?...

Assuming everyone is alright, CALL US. We will walk you through the process.
Then contact your insurance company (ICBC - 604-520-8222) (CDI -604-699-3741) and report the accident to begin the claims process.
Tell them you CHOOSE to take your vehicle to, of course Penney Auto Bodyfor your auto collision service.
Your insurer (other private insurer / or the at-fault party's carrier)very well may try to STEER you to their preferred shopby telling you that if you choose a repair facility that is not on their list that you will have extra out of pocket expenses and that the insurer will not warranty the repairs. These are all tactics to steer you to an environment where the insurer is in control, that's all.
The bottom line? Take your car to a reputable, certified shop that will
work for you and your best interest.

2. Should I drive my car after an accident?

It really depends on the extent of your damage. In most cases, if you have any lights out,or your car doesn’t feel “quite right”, or parts are rubbing on tires, give us a call and we
can arrange towing. You may also request to have your vehicle towed to our shop direct from the accident scene. We can best determine your vehicles safety if you stop by.

3.Can you match the factory paint color?

We guarantee that the factory color will be matched, as long as all painting is completed in accordance with factory suggested paint procedures. We use the finest Automotive Paints and processes available in the market today.

4. How should I care for my car after the repairs are complete?

Once your vehicle has been returned to your care you will be able to wash it as normal.
We do suggest though that you do not wax or use any sealer to any of thepainted areas of your vehicle for 2-3 weeks. Be aware that tree sap, bird droppings, and road tar will chip and mark the finish to fresh or factory paint, so keep your vehicle clean of this material for the best appearance possible.


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