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I am certain that many of you have been in a situation where a small rock flew off a construction truck and chipped your windshield. You might think that the whole windshield needs to be replaced and that it would be costly.

But replacing the whole windshield is not always necessary. It is, however, important to have a professional review the actual damage immediately to see if a new windshield is required.

Assessing The Damage

In the past, having a small chip on your windshield would certainly mean replacing the whole thing. Today, windshields are more flexible and more resilient to force or damage. First, check the size of the crack. Most auto repair shops can easily fix a one to two inch-long crack. Do your homework to determine where you can get your windshield fixed for a fair price.

Where’s The Crack?

The location of the crack is significant. Repair shops will generally repair a small chip that is on the passenger side of the windshield. But if the damage is directly in front of the driver's side, there are fewer, or even none at all, who will do the repair. Why? Repairs on windshields will never be factory-like perfect. There can be small distortions after the damage has been repaired. Distortions might be okay on the passenger's side, but any distortion will affect the driver's vision.

Dirt And Cracks

You should have a crack inspected as soon as possible because dirt, dust and other substances will slowly accumulate in the crack which can lead to distorted vision. If ypu neglect the damage, it will become larger in time and could result in possible accidents especially on days with low to poor visibility.

Money Money Money

So, how much will it cost to repair a small chip? A chip will generally cost approx. $80 – $100 to fix. Replacement, on the other hand, will cost more depending on your vehicle. Generally it will be $500 and up; and with today’s newer cars that offer many options and features such as rain sensors incorporated on the windshield, it will be closer to the thousand dollar price range.

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