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Have you ever encountered a car breakdown? When you drive to a far place, the car engine suddenly cannot start! You can only waste a lot of time waiting for the trailer company to deal with it, and then send you home, which is a waste of money and time. Car breakdowns will inevitably occur and are unpredictable, but they can be avoided and mitigated appropriately. Here are some tips on car maintenance to prevent and reduce some car breakdowns.

Check the oil!

When you want to do preventive maintenance, checking the oil will be the most important link. How to check the oil?

  1. Turn off the engine, 2. Wait a few minutes for the oil to cool down, 3. Pull out the dipstick from the fuel tank, 4. Wipe the dipstick clean with a rag or clothes, 5. Put it in the original Fuel tank, 6. Pull out and observe

Observe your dipstick, you should be able to determine the amount of oil from the oil position mark displayed on the dipstick. If the mark is between full and add/low, it means that the oil is in a normal state. However, if the mark is below add/low, you need to fill one liter of cleaning oil. After filling, you need to wait a few minutes before you can make the last oil measurement.

Check if there is any liquid residue on the garage floor or driveway

The easiest way to check whether your car is healthy is to observe whether your car is leaking. Leave your car in the garage all night and check the garage floor or driveway the next day. The color can be used to determine whether the liquid residue is engine oil or coolant. Normally, the engine oil is brown, the coolant is green, and the transmission fluid is red. If you still cannot find the location of the specific leak, it is recommended that you take the car to the dealer for thorough inspection.

Check car tires

Even if you are not ready to go long distances, you should check your car tires regularly. Buying a good tire gauge will confirm that your tire pressure is exactly the same as the tire pressure required by the manufacturer. And you can visually observe the tire tread, the tread pattern should be deep and uniform; if you find uneven tread pattern, it means that there may be a problem with the car's suspension system or four-wheel alignment system. Rotating the tire is a good way to determine whether the tire is evenly worn.

Open the head cover!

Start the engine to see if there are some danger lights that will cause some future problems.​​ Observe whether there are cracks and excessive smoke coming out. Remember not to bring your hands close to any hot or working parts. Remember not to open the cover of the radiator when starting the engine, it may cause the coolant to spray out and cause burns. In addition, make sure that the engine part is clean and free from rat shit. If possible, try to avoid mice appearing on the engine part, because mice like to bite the wires. When the wires of the engine part are bitten, the repair fee will be very expensive!








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