5 Steps for an Easy DIY Car Wax | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

5 Steps for an Easy DIY Car Wax | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

When you’re a daily commuter, or just rely on your car for any amount of time for any activity, “A clean car equals a clean mind!” has never been truer.

It’s very easy for dirt to accumulate on the body of your car and cause long-term damage to the shell of your car. The sun might beat down on it for hours at a time throughout the day, and any moisture in the weather isn’t the greatest either.

The exterior of your car goes through a lot, so it makes sense to protect it. One of the best ways to do this is to wax your car. Keep reading to learn the five steps for an easy DIY car wax.


Before you begin waxing your car, wash it by hand in a shaded area. Rinse it thoroughly and make sure the car is completely clean, dry, and free of debris. The shade ensures the evenest job possible. 

  1. Place a clean, slightly damp pad on the polishing wheel and put a moderate amount of compound on one body panel.
  2. Spread the polish with the wheel, using a medium speed. Keep the spinning pad parallel to the car’s surface to avoid swirl marks. Apply constant pressure and work back and forth over the entire surface of the panel.
  3. Do not do this in circular patterns, as small particles on the vehicle may get lodged in the paint of your car. 
  4. As necessary, stop and rinse off the foam pad with a hose or a power washer to prevent it from getting gummed up with the compound. Wash and rinse the car again by hand when finished, including the door, trunk, and hood. Dry thoroughly.
  5. Once an even, thin layer is applied to the car, it’s time to buff. Use a soft microfiber cloth and buff the wax on your car, in the same manner, you applied the wax. 

For many people, your car is the second largest investment you make. It makes sense to protect your investment by waxing it, keeping the body shiny and protected as long as possible.

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