7 Common Mistakes Many Car Owners Make | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

7 Common Mistakes Many Car Owners Make | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Sometimes many car owners complain their cars often need to have repairs without knowing that they could be the culprit. In this article, we will show you 7 common mistakes you probably make.

1. Starting up and driving immediately
After getting in the car, car owners often start their car and drive away. This habit is not good because the car engines need to have 10-15s to get oil to critical components and let RPMs drop down. Older cars need more time. In the cold or even freezing weather, oil gets really thick so, giving your car 20-30s to start up is necessary.

2. Putting premium in a car when it’s unnecessary
Putting premium in a car when it only needs regular is a waste because it brings no performance benefit and it doesn’t increase improve your fuel economy. So check your manufacturer’s guide carefully for what type of gas you need.

3. Irregularly inspecting your cars
If you drive every day don’t take your car for granted that everything is good. Check your car. Your tires may have gone flat or your coolant or windshield wiper fluid levels may be low.  

4. Not checking tire pressure
Another thing drivers neglect to do is not regularly checking their tire pressure until it’s too late. Refer to the side of the driver’s door or your guidelines to determine how much your tires need to be inflated to. A good rule of thumb to follow is to check it once a month or at least every season when the temperature changes.

5. Forgetting to check the spare tire
Your spare tire is often overlooked until you need it. When you do need it, you notice it’s flat. To prevent this, check the pressure regularly.

6. Not reading the user manual
Reading the owner’s manual is important when owning a car. Because every car is different, it is important to spend some time reading the manual to know you’re your car functions and what all the buttons mean.

7. Improperly Drying Cars
Many car owners use dry paper towels to clean debris from their car. This will scratch the paint’s surface. Instead, use a microfiber cloth with some type of lubricant to wipe debris off your car.


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