Choosing Between Winter and All-Season | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Choosing Between Winter and All-Season | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

To many drivers, snow tires and all-season tires are the same things. This is not the case as they are both created for different purposes. Find out which product is more suited for your needs below.

Winter Tires

With BC's relatively mild winters, just because we rarely see snow doesn’t mean there aren’t good reasons to make the swap when the temperature starts to drop. So why switch?

Specialty Compounds

At about 7ºC and below, the rubber in all-season and summer tires begin to harden, drastically reducing their ability to safely grip the road. Winter-specific tires are designed to continue to provide flexibility, even in sub-zero environments dropping as low as -30ºC.

Superior Traction

Winter tires feature deeper and more prevalent siping, or thin slits cut horizontally across the tread, designed to create more movement and essentially “bite” onto the ice as well as any snow that may be clinging to the road. A more aggressive tread pattern also reduces the chance of snow build-up.

Better Braking

In panic situations, drivers sometimes stomp on the brake pedal. This can especially be a problem with season-inappropriate tires likely to respond by skidding over a cold, slippery surface. Proper winter tires stay soft and have a better chance of helping the vehicle regain composure.

Hydroplane Resistance

As tires roll over frozen pavement the ice beneath melts, which creates a layer of water a car can potentially slide uncontrollably over, known as hydroplaning. Winter tires has specialty grooves that push the water off to the side.

Snow Agility

When snow does fall, winter tires are typically offered in skinnier sizing compared to OEM. The narrower width increases the pounds per square inch of pressure exerted, resulting in the tires having an easier time cutting through snow rather than floating over it.

All-season tires

All-seasons are actually a misnomer since many don’t work in snowy conditions or behave poorly when compared to a dedicated winter tire. This results in a compromise between handling ability and cost. If you want the quickest responding tire possible for performance and/or safety reasons, you may want to opt for snow tires, while budget-conscious drivers could be fine riding on all-seasons.

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