How Hitting a Curb Damages Your Car | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

How Hitting a Curb Damages Your Car | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Vehicle damage comes in many shapes and sizes throughout the year. But one of the most common occurrences is skidding and hitting the curb.

Damage Occurs At Low Speeds

It does not matter how hard you hit the curb. Just know that doing so can cause potential damage. Even going as slow as 20 to 40 kilometres per hour when you hit a curb can affect your suspension, tires, and alignment. If you've recently struck a curb, don't ignore having your car inspected because any repairs can be very expensive.

Damage to suspension components such as tie rods, control arms, and the steering knuckle can cause premature tire wear, throw off the alignment, affect steering, and make your car much less safe to drive.

Harsh Tire Damage

Hitting a curb can also damage both your tires and wheels. A bent rim can cause vibrations and loss of steering control. Gouges in the sidewall of the tire can lead to a blowout. Also, suspension damage can start wearing down your tires more rapidly.

Make Repairs for Vehicle Safety

It’s very important to take your car to your local auto body or dealership and let the highly trained service technicians inspect your vehicle. They will determine if there is any damage and recommend the right repairs.

Some of the things that will get checked include your car's alignment, tires and wheels, and critical suspension parts. By catching possible damage early, you'll potentially save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in costly future repairs.

Penney Auto Body & Glass, Vancouver’s Auto Body Collision Repair Shop, is an expert in paint and body repair and cares about the welfare of your car and your personal safety. If you get involved in an automotive accident or you're a victim of a vehicle break-in or theft be sure to contact Penney Auto Body for your auto body, collision repair, and car painting services.


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