Why Your Car's AC is Blowing Hot Air | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Why Your Car's AC is Blowing Hot Air | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Your air conditioner is a god send when it works. When it isn’t, driving your car can be unbearable, especially on hot summer days. If your air conditioning is blowing hot air, there are a few potential causes. Here are some of the most common reasons why your AC is blowing hot air:

Electrical Issues

Your car's electrical system might be malfunctioning. The wiring, switches, fuses, relays, and other electrical parts carry power to the AC unit and are designed to turn off in the event of even one part failing. While this is good in preventing trouble such as electrical fires, it also means that a single blown fuse can cause the entire air conditioner to stop working. Most of the common causes of AC failure cab be linked back to to the electronics.

Change The Cabin Air Filter

Not all cars are equipped with cabin air filters, but those that do have them need a clean, clear surface to allow air to flow freely. Cabin air filters can attract dust, bugs, leaves, and other various types of debris. A dirty air filter can certainly impede your air conditioner’s ability to cool and after time could cause unnecessary strain on the entire system.

Compressor Failure

A compressor failure is another common potential reason to why your AC is blowing hot air. The compressor circulates the heat and transfers it away from your car so that cool air moves in. Since it’s one of the most important components of an AC unit, compressor failure can cause the entire system to stop working.

Refrigerant Leak

Hot air can also be caused by the refrigerant itself, or the lack of refrigerant. If your system has a leak, it could be causing the unit to blow warm air, since there isn’t enough in the system to cool things down. Unfortunately, refrigerant leaks are hard to detect because refrigerant turns invisible once it leaves the AC system. Auto body technicians have specialized UV detectors to determine whether or not your system has a leak.

Leaking or Obstructed Condenser

It's common for condensers to get clogged with the remains of the refrigerant and other particle deposits. Also, since the condenser is located at the front of the vehicle, it is more vulnerable to debris that could cause punctures. The condenser is a network of pipes resembling a radiator and is used to cool down hot refrigerant as it cycles through the system. If it fails to do this or does it inefficiently, the refrigerant will remain warm and won’t be able to cool the air past the ambient temperature. If this condenser breaks or is otherwise damaged, your air conditioner will blow warm air.

Get Help

In the end, contact your local auto body to have your vehicle inspected by trained technicians. We want you to stay cool and comfortable this summer. 


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