bluetooth car safety

Bluetooth Devices & Automotive Safety | Vancouver Collision Repair Shop

Due to recent provincial regulations in relation to the usage of mobile phones in car, Bluetooth technology is the answer to allow drivers to continue talking while driving and still keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Summer Car Maintenance

Summer Car Maintenance Checklist | Auto Body Shops Vancouver | Collision Repair Shop

Summer is slowly creeping up on us. Here are a few simple tips to prepare your car for those summer road trips.

tips to protect your valuables in your car

Tips to protect your valuables in your car! | Auto Body Vancouver | Penney Auto Body

As much as car safety is important, car security and personal safety is just as important. To ensure that your valuables stay safe and secure, we @ Penney Auto Body have compiled a few tips for you!

Emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle

Emergency Preparedness Kit in your Vehicle | Vancouver Auto Body | Vancouver Dent Repair

When you get behind the wheel, there is always the chance that you might get into a car accident. Which is why stocking four important items in your car for emergencies is essential...

Tips for young drivers!

Tips for young drivers | Auto Collision Repair Shop Vancouver

Many teenagers are in summer mode and will be using their cars to drive to their summer jobs or go on a road trip. This young group of drivers will add to the number of drivers on the road....

hazard lights

Understanding Hazard Lights | Collision Repair Shops in Vancouver

What is the hazard light button for and when should you use it? Hazard lights can help improve safety when used properly; we will list out a few situations where it can be of help to you and to others.

Auto Body Terms in a Written Estimate

Auto Body Terms in a Written Estimate | Vancouver Auto Body Repair | Collision Repairs in Vancouver

To help you better understand the repair process and the terms we use in the Auto Body Repair field, we have compiled a quick info list on the importance of getting an estimate and the meaning behind the terms.

Common question: What is depreciation and why do I have to pay for it?

What is Depreciation & Why do I Have to Pay for It? | Vancouver ICBC Auto Body Shop

This is a very common question that customers ask – What is depreciation and why do I have to pay for it?

Waterborne Paint

Waterborne Paint | Vancouver Auto Body Paint Shop

Only less than a decade ago most paint jobs were completed using solventborne paint, but due to new regulations to protect our environment, the Canadian government has regulated all body shops...


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