Waterborne Paint

Waterborne Paint | Vancouver Auto Body Paint Shop

Only less than a decade ago most paint jobs were completed using solventborne paint, but due to new regulations to protect our environment, the Canadian government has regulated all body shops...

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! Vancouver Collision Repair Shop

We @ Penney Auto Body would like to wish you all a sunny, happy and safe Canada Day!

Happy #BC Day Long Weekend!

Happy #BC Day Long Weekend! | Vancouver Body Repair Shop

From all of us @ Penney Auto Body, have a fun and safe BC Day Long Weekend!

FAQ – Auto Body Frame Straightening

FAQ – Auto Body Frame Straightening | Collision Repair Shop Vancouver | Penney Auto Body Vancouver

We often have customers ask us how the frame straightening process works and whether if they need it for their car or after an accident. So what is frame straightening? As most damages to vehicles occur to...

Baby/Child Car Seat Expiration Dates

Baby/Child Car Seat Expiration Dates | Car Collision Repairs Vancouver | Penney Auto Body Vancouver

In British Columbia, the law requires a child who is under the age of 9 and under 4’9” must use a child safety seat or a booster seat. As a result, this can lead to a tricky situation for car seat manufacturers who recommend that their car seats only last six years from the manufactured date.

Waiving Deductibles

Waiving Deductibles at Vancouver Collision Shops | Vancouver ICBC Auto Body Repair Shop

Can you waive my deductible? That is a question that we frequently get asked from customers. There is a lot of mis-leading information out there about the legality of waiving deductibles and that is usually...

tips on saving gas

Tips on Saving Gas | Auto Collision Accident Repair Vancouver

Did you know that you can increase your car's gas mileage five to 10 percent by maintaining your car and engine on a regular basis? Here are four simple steps you can take to mazimize your fuel.

courtesy car

Our 2014 Fleet of Courtesy Cars! Penney Auto Body Vancouver

For your added safety and convenience, our new fleet of 2014 courtesy cars now comes with HID lights and a Rear Vision Camera;.........


There are more and more pothole on the ground | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

After a long winter, we often see bumpy roads, which can easily damage your car.


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