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Due to the recent inclement weather, we thought this be useful if you unfortunately got into an accident


Provide better help and testing for your car!

Have you ever encountered a car breakdown? When you drive to a far place, the car engine suddenly cannot start! You can only waste a lot of time waiting for the trailer company to deal with it, and then send you home, which is a waste of money and time. Car breakdowns will inevitably occur and are unpredictable, but they can be avoided and mitigated appropriately. Here are some tips on car maintenance to prevent and reduce some car breakdowns.

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Do you need a new windshield? Cost to Repair a Paint Chip | Vancouver Collision Repair

I am certain that many of you have been in a situation where a small rock flew off a construction truck and chipped your windshield. You might think that the whole windshield needs to be replaced and that it would be costly.


Happy Family Day! | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Penney Auto Body & Glass and all the staff wish you a happy family day!

icbc insurance coverage

Your Insurance Coverage! | Vancouver ICBC Auto Body Collision Repair Shop

No one plans for an accident; however, statistics show that most people will have one every thirteen years or so. Because it’s not an event that happens on a regular basis (hopefully, anyway!), those involved in an... accident are confused who to contact and whose guidance is best.

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How to Buy a Used Car | Penney Auto Body Vancouver

Buying any type of car can be quite intimidating. But buying a used car, in particular, can be quite risky. No one wants to be stuck with a lemon. Below are some tips you can arm yourself with before purchasing a used vehicle from a used car lot, dealer, or from online services.

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Come and grab your red envelopes for the upcoming Chinese New Year!

Red Envelopes for the upcoming Chinese New Year are now available!

protecting your vehicle's paint

Protecting Your Vehicle's Paint | Penney Auto Body in Vancouver

A lot of people spend thousands of dollars to buy a new or used car but are unsure of the proper methods to protect the car's paint from external conditions. Washing and waxing the vehicle are two ways to protect the car's paint, but some methods, when applied incorrectly, can further damage the paint..........

flat tire

3 Tips On How To Fix A Flat Tire | Penney Auto Body Vancouver

Nothing is more inconvenient than getting a flat tire on your way to work or an important event. But we've compiled some tips on how to avoid a flat tire and how to fix them. 


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