What to do when you lock your car keys in the car | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

The odds of you locking your car keys in your car will happen more often than not. The culprits are keyless ignition and increasingly sophisticated electronic anti-theft systems. Stay calm and here's how you can get help.

7 New Car Safety Features That Could Save Your Life | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Ever wish your car could react for you? With new advancements in technology, it just might be able to.

What To Do When Your Car Window Is Broken | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

If your windshield is smashed, cracked, or broken it needs to get fixed. Here are a few simple tips to help ensure the job gets done properly.

Fuel Economy in Hot Weather | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Did you know that hot weather can actually increase your fuel economy? Your engine warms up faster to an appropriate temperature and summer grades of gasoline can have slightly more energy. Plus, warm air causes less wind resistance than cooler air.

How Hitting a Curb Damages Your Car | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Vehicle damage comes in many shapes and sizes throughout the year. But one of the most common occurrences is skidding and hitting the curb.

Stay Ahead of Your Brake Problems | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

When your car starts making abnormal sounds, movements, or smells, investigate right away rather than letting the issue worsen. If you wait, it will only lead to more parts wearing out and requiring a replacement.

How to Eliminate Blind Spots | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

You’re driving on the highway and approaching your off ramp, you signal from the middle lane and glance over at your passenger side mirror. It’s completely clear and you begin to change smoothly into the right hand land when a car suddenly comes out of nowhere.

The Seven Fluids That May Leak From Your Car | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Picture this: you walk to your car and you see a puddle under it. Last you checked it didn't rain. So what is it? Just as our body is filled with fluids that allow it to function properly, your car is the same. It has a variety of liquids pumping through it that allow it to run at its best.

Why Your Car's AC is Blowing Hot Air | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Your air conditioner is a god send when it works. When it isn’t, driving your car can be unbearable, especially on hot summer days. If your air conditioning is blowing hot air, there are a few potential causes. Here are some of the most common reasons why your AC is blowing hot air:


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