What Happens When Your Car’s Transmission Suddenly Stops | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

There are thousands of parts to a car, but some parts of your car are more important than others, especially the transmission. Without it, the power from the engine will never reach the wheels, and your car will become useless. So what actually happens when the transmission suddenly stops?

What to Do and What Not to Do When Pulled Over | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Each time you get behind the wheel of your car, you’re always aware, whether consciously or subconsciously, that there’s a cop on the road with you. They're driving the same roads you are to ensure that all motorists are driving in a safe and orderly manner.

How to Adjust Seating to the Proper Position for Driving | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Driving can create significant stress to the neck and the upper and lower back. Safety is always the number one concern when driving, but you want to be comfortable in your seat to prevent unncessary pain.

10 Tips to Avoid A Pothole Disaster | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

The winter driving season may be coming to an end, but don't get too excited about the warmer weather just yet. You must now deal with the worst season, yet: pothole season.

Prepping Your Car For Spring | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

It's that time of season again: Spring prepping your car. Preparing your car for spring can save you a lot of headaches later in the year, especially as the weather heats up and you get your share in long summer drives. Prepping now can even save you money in the future. You’ll be glad you took the time to prepare your car for spring.

Inspect and Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades the Right Way | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Windshield wipers tend to be an overlooked part of a car’s safety system. If your wipers are not working properly, it can be difficult to see the road or other hazards when it rains or snows or if debris is falling onto your windshield.

What To Do If Your Car Gets Stolen | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

A suddenly absent or missing car is certainly heart-pounding. If you find yourself a victim of car theft, we hope the following checklist will help.

What to Do If Your Car Skids | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

If you feel your car suddenly skid out of control on an icy road, it can be a terrifying experience. To make matters worse, our instinct in these situations is to hit the brakes, turn the wheel in the opposite direction, or stare at the target you're about to hit. These are all ineffective and can actually make the skid worse.

Should I Get My Car Serviced at the Dealership? | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Options are numerous when it comes to fixing and maintaining your car. Will you visit the dealership for service for repair and maintenance? A local garage or franchise repair shop? Or a side mechanic who does work in his back yard for cash?


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