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Aluminum Auto Body Repair Vancouver | Aluminum Collision Repair | Auto Body Aluminum Repair

Aluminum Auto Body Repair Vancouver | Vancouver Aluminum Collision Repair Shop

Aluminum has replaced steel on body panels and also has found its way into vehicle structural components. Aluminum has unique characteristics and can not be treated the same way to traditional metal panels used in the past; care must be exercised in placing grounding clamps because of the electrical conductivity of aluminum. In addition, applying too much heat (over 215c) in repairing dents on aluminum will deform or make it lose it strength. 

All in all, it is not an easy task repairing aluminum bodied vehicles.



We have engaged in updated training for our technicians to tackle this ever changing automotive industry to complete safe and quality repairs to your vehicle. In an attempt to increase fuel efficiency and making vehicles lighter, more and more car manufacturers nowadays are utilizing aluminum in its vehicle designs. 

At Penney Auto Body & Glass, as specialists in auto body collision repair, we have a newly renovated 2015 aluminum auto body repair facility that includes: 

  • a dedicated aluminum MIG welding system and it is equipped with a Pulse MIG technology, 
  • dedicated aluminum hand and power tools, 
  • dedicated aluminum dent extraction system that contain an aluminum stud welder, heat gun, pyrometer, aluminum hammers and dent extraction system.
  • specialized aluminum SPR rivet guns
  • With these dedicated tools, equipment and on going training of our staff, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be repaired right the first time and every time!


Penney Auto Body & Glass is proud to be Vancouver's Best Auto Body Collision Repair Centre as we guarantee and provide the right price, parts and service which comes with a 100% satisfaction assurance.