Tesla-Approved Vancouver Body Shop: Tesla Collision Repair

Welcome to Penney Auto Body, your trusted Tesla collision repair shop in Vancouver. As a Tesla-approved body shop, we are proud to be among the first three auto body shops in Vancouver authorized to perform Tesla repair work. With over 35 years of experience in the auto body repair industry, our expertise in car collision repair is unparalleled. Our commitment to delivering high-quality repair services and exceptional customer service establishes us as the premier choice for Tesla collision repair.

Why Repair Your Crashed Tesla at Penney Auto Body?

Unlike traditional vehicles, Tesla collision repairs demand unmatched expertise and advanced equipment due to their specialized electric powertrains and battery systems. Our technicians, rigorously trained in these unique technologies, ensure repairs meet Tesla's exacting standards. Most body shops don’t have access to genuine Tesla parts, but we do—a distinction that sets us apart and is critical for maintaining your vehicle's safety, appearance, durability, and value. Trust us to preserve the unmatched quality of your Tesla.


Why Are Tesla Body Repairs Different from Regular Car Repairs?

Tesla body repairs significantly differ from those of traditional vehicles, thanks to the complex architecture of their electric powertrains and cutting-edge battery systems. Such complexity requires an expertise and technological resources that surpass ordinary repair work. Professionals skilled in Tesla's advanced technologies are essential for navigating these sophisticated systems effectively. As a result, repairs need to strictly adhere to Tesla's high standards of safety, efficiency, and precision, ensuring vehicles are returned to their owners in optimal condition.


Why Do Tesla Collision Repairs Require Genuine Parts?

Genuine Tesla parts are indispensable for Tesla collision repairs because they guarantee the vehicle operates as intended, preserving its performance, safety, and warranty. Designed to match Tesla's precise specifications, these parts ensure seamless integration with the vehicle's advanced systems, maintaining its efficiency and reliability. Using genuine parts helps to keep your Tesla running smoothly and upholds its value over time.


We are equipped to repair all Tesla models, including Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X, ensuring comprehensive service coverage for every Tesla owner.